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>> is boeing's new during my are turning into a nightmare? more problems for the plane just as an inaugural flight is scheduled today at a san jose mineta. >> we're waking up to cold temperatures we're talking freezing temperatures are around the bay. will begin with our team coverage of the weather freeze warnings are and the fact. will tran is out there shivering >> you saw me an hour ago it was 32 degrees on the board and at and is now 31 degrees. it has gotten colder which means if it rains right now it is not coming down as rain. it will be snow because we are below the freezing mark. i have to tell you if it feels much colder than that. it cuts to
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the bone. >> it's freezing but you still have a nice note. >> i tried but i just can't do it. this is terrible for the mornings. my heating bill is probably quadruple the next week. >> and that was yoli aceves asking all those hard hitting reading questions. i can tell you what his bill is not the only one that's going up after this one. and it is cold james! i bet you have a nice warm cup of coffee. >> yes we do and the warm
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temperature controlled studios. >> i hate you >> he is not the only one. >> know he is not. we are definitely freezing and concord, below and napa and vallejo. 34 out the door in san francisco you definitely noticed the colder weather and our inland spots and some of our valleys. we freeze awarding and frost advisory this morning. there is fraud so grab your scrapers.i will talk about where the temperature is are expected to go and just a bit. >> here is a live look for in the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights are off,
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it is nice and smooth. west 80 along the east shore is doing fine as you work your way out of berkeley into the maze headed up to the bay bridge toll plaza. the earlier problem 80 east on at down on the rest inside is your cleared and out of the way. we are just getting word of capital quarter delays train 20 is about 20 minutes behind. >> a 17 year old boy this shot and killed on the 300 block of drake ave and marooned city. this sausalito on the right and highway 1 01 marin city. mike pelton is live at the scene this morning. is this
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up apartment complex? >> it's a public housing complex and you could see evidence markers on the ground. authorities are trying to determine how this all played out. there are no suspects in this case. this the victim was shot twice and his sister tells me her brother had just turned 17 earlier this week. she will understandably devastated by the incident. >> this have been for nothing. absolutely nothing. basically what somebody got the wrong thing was confused and did know anybody out here. nobody even knows them. he came with here when he was a little he had no beef with nobody nobody knows them.
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>> the sisters that she was suspicious last night because of its some suspicious characters in the area. i spoke with the neighbors and he said he has lived here for 59 years and has never seen anything like this. this is the first homicide in marin city this year. there was one and all of marin city last year. >> thank you, we will check back in with you later this morning. >> new this morning more problems for boeing 787 streamliner. the jets suffered a cracked a cockpit window and an oil leak out a separate flight and japan on friday blocking all want out airways jet spirit earlier this week a battery fire caused damage to an empty 787 operated by japan airlines while on the ground
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in boston. another jal 787 spilled fuel on the taxiway also at boston. after a computer glitch on a plank of the valves open. the dreamlike are the world's first carbon composite airliner has a list price of 207 million and boeing suffered through the years of delays before delivering the first place in 2011. u.s. transportation officials will hold a press conference in washington at 630 court time to discuss issues related to recent a legible problems on the new plane. this is as the ceremony is planned at 9 this morning at san jose's men had to introduce a new dream liner service from san jose to tokyo. >> campbell soup co. getting ready to close doors of sacramento and watching cold weather this morning. we will get a full check on your forecast coming up in just a little bit.
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>> net flicks is now free create a facebook at the shares users viewing
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history if they opt and after the company successfully lobbied congress to amend a 1988 law. net flicks as a wants also features the u.s. sometime this year. net flicks and other companies may now share users video streaming history on sites like facebook of users opt end of mind and they can't use on a case by case basis whether to share certain activity and they cannot opt out at any time. >> what has just landed a blow to the nation's carriers with news that it is offering the iphone five but no contract starting today. the retail giant is a partner in was straight talk wireless offered all five and iphone 4 for $45 a month for unlimited tops text and data up last monday by but some want to finance the 649 purchase price of the phone so seven bucks a month with no contract. chevron expects fourth quarter earnings to be notably higher than the
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third quarter and and that order they earned 5.2 5 billion. that's 58 million the day if you're keeping score at home. the san ramon company said fourth quarter results will be held by bigger gains on asset sales and more oil and gas production. wells fargo making 49 billion. >> after more than 60 years campbell soup is ready to step down its plant in sacramento. the close the release of 800 employees out of work. campbell's as people just aren't buying cancelled like they used to so they must cut costs. the first phase of layoffs will affect 290 employees, their last they will be in february. the second wave will hit in may with 320 cuts. for the remaining 150 workers there last they will be in july. i just bought
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suit yesterday. i guess i am alone. we'll be back in a couple of minutes. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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and ways to connect. rethink possible. >> you need extra layers because it is cold out there. >> it is a cold start of the morning. the cold spots around the bay area are
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updated numbers for fairfield has dropped into the mid-20s, 2954 current and napa at freezing for livermore and pleasanton. these are just some of the cold spots. we have several spies hovering in the low to mid 30's. we have areas of frost, you'll probably need to scrape your windshield. that is a cold start to the morning and it looks like temperatures will continue to beat the lotus seasonal average as we head into this afternoon. clear skies this afternoon and mostly cloudy conditions. into the evening hours a mostly cleared evening in store for us. temperatures will be in the 30's by 8:00 p.m. tonight. future cast force shows later on this morning and keeping it in that there is for most of our inland spots. will be low '40's right around the waterfront the heart of the bay is that
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a severance as go oakland. not too cold of the morning. but in the clock and the motion a mixture of upper '40's, most of these in the afternoon. temperatures are a little cooler the more they should be for this time of year but then again it will look pretty nice. we also do not have any right to talk about for today. into friday unfortunately will be a cold wind and we have plenty of 40 developing it into the night with the exception of the livermore valley is dropping into the upper 30's. afternoon highs in your neighborhood upper '40's for daly city and livermore 53 degrees for the oakland 52 in richmond. satellite and radar shows high pressure building in over the pacific. we will stay dry here and the storm track those low our north. it is looking to be pretty nice just very cold mornings. extended models looks like we are backing off on the
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rain chances for saturday and sunday in. i just want to mention there is certainly a possibility for some showers as we head into your seven day. we will get by with just partly cloudy conditions. still contending with chilly mornings and then a streak of sunshine and milder weather returns by the next work week. >> no major accidents or problems out there. traffic tracker is picking up some slow spots. the right on highway 4, this is normal for this time of mourning the ride on westbound 4 it would be stopping go out of antioch. you have a little break out of pittsburg. drive times are still 20 minutes out of antioch and to concord. but thereafter the of about has been busy off and on and is starting to loosen up a little bit. that year on livermore side headed towards pleasanton. this and to loosen up on the
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tracy side. still a 35 minute drive time from tracy to 2 05 to highway 680 as it works it way through dublin. traffic coming into standards as those a little busy. it is starting to back up towards the end of the parking lot of raw not too bad. the approach is doing fine at the end of its 580 and east shore give yourself extra time this morning as you work your way into san francisco. san mateo bridge is definitely crowded but it is moving. i time has not changed it is still 12 minutes from hayward headed out towards foster city. traffic on the 1 01 is still my since moved into and out of severance this go by way of the golden gate. no problems in the north bay 1 01 to the violence and revell. >> a man a was killed after his big rig crash along highway 37 and vallejo has been identified as 43 year old william ballard of roosevelt.roseville. we broughtu
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the story live on the kron4 morning news and he was driving west on 37 when he collided with a white pickup. the big rig fell from the highway to a grassy area near northbound 29 before bursting into flames. we had witnesses and an off- duty paramedic pull him out of the cab but after being rushed to the hospital he died from his injuries. >> the results at an and the bar by let out aboard the tanker that hit the bay bridge monday morning has passed his drug test. he already passed as alcohol test. we learned of the damage to the base of a tower on the bridge's upper two to $3 million in damage. you could see the worst of the right here on the fender this is on the western span close as the treasure island. the offender was made of wood and plastic. he
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conceded that is pretty clearly. officials at the vendor on a tower that was hit did exactly what it was supposed to do in protecting the bridge. the registered it structurally sound and i was were never in any danger. that came and that was found apparently guarding 34 lbs. of marijuana at a castro valley, and tuesday has died. the alligator like creature named mr. teeth was seized during a probation check and handed over to the oakland zoo. however staff members at the animal was critically ill and died and the owner is now facing drug charges. >> police arrested a suspect at almost $420,000 a marijuana stored in a container and sausalito. police were tipped off to the suspect and his activities for an anonymous caller on december 29th.old pole suspects name which was nicholas pasas and the
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marijuana was located in the marine ship celled stores. when the police are ride the location and i found his car and container full of marijuana and cocaine. police say they do not suspect he had sold any of the marijuana. we are getting our person of the man accused of dousing his girlfriend with gasoline and setting her on fire. 22 year-old dexter oliver didn't say much is made and it addresses the court room other than indicating he doesn't have the money for an attorney. he has been ties with 11 felonies including attempted murder, assault and torture. he is accused of ffilling two
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>> was in the flu season across the u.s. the peak of the flu season is on schedule to arrive in california in the coming weeks. doctors with lucille packard children's hospital at stanford state and winds the strains are expected to start affecting more people in the coming weeks. so far no word to related deaths in the bay area have been reported. nationwide the death toll from the flu has risen to 20 and those under age 18. some bay area retail pharmacies are offering free vaccines for children ages 4 to 18. for more on and for more information on those freak shot a visit shoot the flew down or it. it is important to remember that it takes two to three weeks for the flu vaccine to take
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full facts and if you have lived symptoms tamiflu andrelenza can dramatically not down the symptoms. >> as president joe biden met with a gun owner groups including nra representatives as in most florida's had a president obama task force light to gun violence. already the vice president's announcing the group will have some recommendations for the president by tuesday the nra meantime says it is this what it with a meeting. >> the captain of the commuter ferry that crashed a lower manhattan worst told federal investigators said the vessel had a mechanical failure and he wasn't able to put it in reverse when he tried to dock. around seven people were hurt in the crash, 11 seriously. the
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captain told investigators that he tried to put the ferry and reverse it didn't work. the ferret. had recently undergone a major overhaul that gave it new engines and propulsion system and officials are looking into whether they played a role. [ womanom ] thi tis mis this iss my tey
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>> the winning streak and be broken on wall strut wall street today. it looks like some givebacks in trading today. we had strong earnings from semblances go based wells fargo $4.9 billion to a stock lowered in overnight trading. we will follow the numbers on wall street through out the morning. another developing story problems with the boeing 787 and streamliner. the part of transportation is about to hold a press conference to
6:32 am
talk about concerns with this . we had four incidents this week. there were problems on to japan air flights and boston's logan when airport. one and a fire and a dual leak. 40 gal. of jet fuel had spilled on the tarmac. this is a brand-new airplane and there are usually glitches with new aircraft. four high-profile incidents this week are rating concerns and of that there'll be comments this morning about what they will be looking into with this plane. a case of bad timing. there is a ceremony at 9:00 this morning and mineta.
6:33 am
thlet's go to the press conference. >> good morning everyone we're the department of transportation and thank you for joining us today. having just taken the oath prayer met faa administrator and we are to thank king him for being here. many have heard me say over the last four years that our number one priority as the department of transportation is protecting the safety of the traveling public. as many as you've heard me say many times over the last four years thousands of people today what are boarding airplanes or have thwarted
6:34 am
airplanes and the lot more worried about getting through security when getting their first cup of coffee than wondering about safety. that is what we do here at dot. we worry about safety and we are concerned about safety. we have the best and safest aviation system in the world meeting going accept the extra mile when it comes to safety. we take this as the most serious responsibility. there is concern about recent events involving a boeing 787. that is why today we are announcing that we are conducting a comprehensive review of the design and production of the boeing 787. this review will cover the critical systems
6:35 am
of the aircraft including design, manufacture >> we are having some audio problems but i will continue to listen and and let you know of the problems. they're not grounding the airplanes so far. >> it is freezing, we are freeze warning in effect for the north bay and east bay. and as if ross advisory for the severance as the bay of fact and sell the national weather service will bring it back again for tomorrow. we have several, very cold mornings ahead of us with temperatures and the mid to upper 20s in some spots. frost on your point still is a possibility, it it looks like it will be a dry one, high pressure building in
6:36 am
over the pacific. it will remain that way but we have some changes to talk about. i will walk you through your extended forecast in my next report but at 6:34 a.m. is time for traffic with robin. >> what a difference 15 minutes makes. we have not had any problems accidents or stalls, just more cars headed into the city. here's a live look from the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed be on the end of the parking lot and stretching on to the 880 over crossing. the lights are on but overall it is a good ride across the upper deck had been to downtown san francisco. drive time is up to 15 minutes from the open maze into downtown san francisco. beazer give yourself extra time this morning as you work your way into the city. >> the big game is this weekend and the standards as the 49ers are hosting the green bay packers tomorrow and their first playoff game. jackie sissel is out
6:37 am
at candlestick park. no one else is out there but it's nice to get a jump on things right jackie? >> it is pretty dark every quiet out here but in 35 hours are so 69,732 rabid 49ers fans will could descend on candlestick park. for the second straight year the 49ers will be hosting a divisional playoff game. it starts tomorrow at 58 as the green bay packers. if you have been living under a rock wall. how popular are they? they sold completely out and less than five minutes. there is the questions about the 49ers and justin smith and the defensive linemen has been ruled an for tomorrow which is great news for the 49ers. the other controversy was the kicking controversy. david acres' one out yesterday. jim harbaugh
6:38 am
talked about the kicking controversy and did not have much to say about it other than david lakers one. >> he's done a nice job. he did a better job and is more prepared to give us the best chance to win. i can't possibly think of anything more to say about it. at what i felt good about the way i came prepared the way i said about this test >> that's what this is, that's with the meetings are. at the practice sessions are and go out and compete like maniacs. >> once again tomorrow 5:00 p.m. at candlestick green bay packers severance as go 49 hours. play of graoff the game. >> you have a seat in front
6:39 am
of tv? >> yes i have personal viewing right there on my couch. i will be at home not at the game. >> we'll take a quick break and we come back we have some incredible video to show you from around the world. flooding takes over parts of louisiana but there is still more rain to come. plus a massive cloud of dust sweeps through australia. we'll have details on that coming up as well. an early morning fire in the philippines killed two americans and more coming up with the kron4 news continues.
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staples is the number 1 office super store ink retailer in america. now get $6 back in staples rewards for every ink cartridge you recycle when you spend $50 on hp ink. staples, that was easy. >> video out of louisiana were more water is on the way. this is the video from
6:43 am
bridge and st. francis the louisiana governor already declared a state of emergency after thunderstorms the stay with us much as a foot of rain this week. hundreds of people had been evacuated. >> the red cloud of dust swept across the coast of onslow. meteorologist say dry conditions on the ground and heavy weapons was the perfect mix for the dust storm. a fire swept through a hotel at a resort and the philippines killing six people including two americans. all victims died of smoke inhalation. there's no word on caused the fire and investigators are working on identifying the victims.
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>> the zebra's go 49ers are ready to take on the green bay packers tomorrow at the nfc divisional matchups. tickets for tomorrow's game were sold out of work on less than three minutes. kickoff is at 5:00 p.m. at candlestick park. >> we are currently in the mid-20s for fairfield, 29 as the temperature and napa and vallejo. we're below freezing currently in walnut creek and 32 out the door and livermore. first i clear but cold start to the morning. there are winds and the forecast. it is not as cold as we originally expected but we still have the freeze morning and frost
6:48 am
advisory in effect until 8:00 a.m. this morning. once the advisory expires at 30's, still holding on to the cold temperatures in the end 1 spots around the bay. into the afternoon there is a good mix in the upper '40's and low 50s. mostly sunny skies but more clouds and a forecast compared to yesterday's. another system will drop through later on this weekend bringing with it some cool air and cloudy conditions. i think the rain will stay out of the forecast. 8:00 p.m. tonight, '40's. it will get cold really fast. we'll be in the upper 30's for the livermore valley and taking a look at temperatures where they're expected to go, these are afternoon highs. i ever 44 pleasanton livermore daly city and and the san mateo. moister to our north and scattered showers to our south. high pressure building in over the pacific so we will be dry today. it
6:49 am
looks to be dry as we head into the weekend and extended models are selling dry conditions. we're not picking up any precipitation. we could see more clouds into the weekend in the zero and the chance of showers into the weekend and a little warmer as we start the next work week. >> no hot spots but traffic is starting to fill in at the bay bridge toll plaza. the lights are on an traffic is starting to back up mostly in the fasttrack lanes. some of the castle and the far left-hand side the backing up often on towards a 80 over cross. over on not too bad and heavy on the decline headed into the bridge. it will be a good ride across the upper deck and all the bridges are still doing well. your ride
6:50 am
on the san mateo bridge has been crowded for the past couple of hours or so but no major problems. drive times are pretty much the same, just a quick 12 minutes between hayward and foster city. the ride on the 1 01 across the golden gate is still nice and smooth as we head into and out us ever since go on the north bay side. a quick check on the traffic maps a little crowded on highway four as you work your way out of antioch toward pittsburgh. 20 minutes drive time i've antioch it's a concord. south bay, no major trouble spots but some slow traffic on no. 87 as you were between 85 and highway 280. overall, not bad. >> the man accused of shooting and killing 12 people at a colorado movie theater will be going to trial. a judge ruled that there is more than enough evidence against james holmes to dry more than 160
6:51 am
felony counts. holmes is to be arraigned today but his attorneys have filed papers say he is not ready to enter a plea. they're expected asked for a delayed. there is word there will be a plea bargain to avoid a lengthy and expensive trial. wells fargo reported their carter and earnings this morning and $4.9 billion profits for the fourth quarter. wells fargo's stock is getting hammered right now down 1.7 percent down 64¢ to 3480. the reason is a smaller margin of profit and their lending business. that is hurting the bank's stock right now even though there reported record profit and strong oregano. >> a small turnout last
6:52 am
night and my team as as contra costa county fire officials talk to residents about the closure of fire station 12. the station is at the close on tuesday along with three others in walnut creek, lafayette and clayton. the closure is expected to save the district about $1.6 million a year. at least one more fire station is slated to close in july. last night, fire officials assured residents and martinez is that they would do their best response to emergencies in the area but also expect a long response times. >> gas prices are expected to be lower this year than last. forecasters say ample oil supplies and weak u.s. demand will keep prices low. the energy department says the average price of a gallon of gasoline will fall 5% to $3.44. aaa predicts gas won't surpass $3.80 a gallon this year. here's a look at what gas prices are around the bay area at this time. san
6:53 am
francisco $3.68, oakland $3.58, san jose $3.59. >> a reminder that after kron4 news at 10 dr. phil be gams and you could also get some again at 4.
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>> britons national portrait gallery has unveiled unveiled a first of is a painting of the duchess of cambridge. the painting of the duchess was done by paul emsley. the galleries as the duchess took part in it as a meeting to talk through the process followed by two
6:57 am
sittings in may and june of last year. the beijing is due to go on show to the public this afternoon in london. >> the extreme heat and australia is taking its toll on the country's wildlife. this is a 11 week old flying fox that named romeo and he is beginning a second chance at life. his colony including his mother has been nearly wiped out because of the searing summer weather and australia. some of the bats, or so dehydrated they just couldn't get back up. the wildlife volunteers are racing to save these little creatures and nurse them back to health. >> that creep you out a little bit? >> it yet the bottles were greedy.the bottles were creepy. >> next week, mild weather
6:58 am
way for us from monday through wednesday and beyond. >> coming out of federal investigators launch an investigation into boeing's newest and most advanced planes. for problems this week including two new ones and japan this morning we will have details on the investigation. the flu is starting to spread in california. two deaths were reported in the sacramento area. we have the latest details on where you could go to get a free flu shot for your kids. although the game at candlestick park tomorrow we will have gary radnich coming up at 745. also the latest on the weather and your morning commute when the kron4 morning news returns in just two minutes.
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